Download Driver Epson L360 - Review and how to fix errors


EPSON L360 is a printer from EPSON that is in great demand by the market. From schools, offices, businesses, to homes, many use this type of printer.


This Epson L360 is a printer that already has integration with Infusion Ink, where the printer ink is outside the printer, more precisely on the side of the product. that way, the user can easily refill the ink if it is low. 

The Epson l360 has 4 colors, including Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow, thus providing a good printing experience.

Printing photos ? 

Is this Epson l360 good for photo printing? from our experience, the Epson L360, has the best quality or good in printing, from draft prints, document prints, to image prints. for printing Images or photos on photo paper (Glossy), this L360 provides good performance, and the colors produced are also very good in our opinion, so we also use it for small businesses such as photo and document printing.

However, after intense use for about 3 years (for business), the condition of this printer is no longer good, the problem we found was that the paper puller was worn/damaged so that when printing, the paper was not pulled in, and the printer had an error.

we tried to repair the paper puller by washing and cleaning the rubber from the paper puller roller, the result was that the printer could function properly.

but in fact it's not that easy my friend, by cleaning the rubber roller, in fact it's only a temporary fix. We have cleaned it repeatedly, the results are the same, even because of these activities, causing other parts of the Epson l360 Printer to be damaged. 

so we decided to replace it (roller/paper puller) with a new one. so we looked for it in the online marketplace, it was a bit difficult to find it, but in the end we got it. 

After a few days after ordering, the Roller we ordered finally arrived, but well, even so, the quality of the parts we ordered was not as good as the original, considering the price was also very cheap and affordable. but in our opinion, it may be impossible to get the original, but we are trying to make it possible to get close.

After that, we pert the damaged one with a new one. during installation, we were hampered by the way, because we had to disassemble the printer first, step by step but surely hehe, finally finished.

We have been using this printer for about 2 months, and the results are quite satisfactory. we tried with various types of paper, almost all types of paper were successful in pulling and printing was successful. almost all ? yes, almost all. because there are some papers that in fact cannot be attracted to perfection, it is probably related to the type and quality of the replacement roller rubber.

but overall, we are helped and satisfied with this Epson l360 printer.

oh yeah, we've been talking about printers or just the prints, huh? 

In addition to printing, which we discussed above, the Epson L360 is also equipped with a Scanner, allowing you to scan or scan files, your photos to be made into a file or directly printed physically.


oh yes, for this printer, you are required to install the driver.

why do i have to install the driver? because if you don't install the driver, you won't find various settings and tools from this printer. such as setting the paper size, and setting the color quality and type of paper to be used for printing.

not only that, but by installing the driver, you can also access the maintance or repair feature, which is where you can fix your printer systemically if an error or malfunction occurs, maybe the color of the printout doesn't match, or the printout is blurry or streaky.

in the maintance menu you can find solutions that will help you to fix your printer problems.

if the problem is at an advanced level, calm down you can reset this printer, you can just search for it on the google blog, many have written articles and what files will be used.

So it's important to print Driver.

The file to download is at the end of this article,

our Youtube Channel Support is NSNET ID, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comments column. 

Thank you for visiting this blog, I hope it is useful.

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