Where can you get inspiration from?


Hello, this is my first writing on this BLOG. I hope this blog can be useful for its readers.

Where can you get inspiration from?

Hello all, since this is my first writing, this time I will share simple tips to get an idea or inspiration. Because this is a Blog, so chances are I will tell you in this article.

If you find this article, chances are you are one of the few people who have difficulty getting ideas and inspiration, I mean myself.

In the search for inspiration as in the case of writing this article, calmness is needed.

For example, in a closed room. For me, getting inspired can be done in a closed room, because the view is more focused on the purpose.

Tranquility can also be obtained at certain times, such as in the early morning hours. Because at that time the sound of activity has stopped (depending on the location).

However, for some people, a closed room is a bad option to look for ideas, because it can be mentally damaging to them, one alternative is to go to an uninhabited area or one that does not have much community activity, such as forests or the middle of the sea, maybe the middle of the lake?

There is the best position in my opinion, which is a toilet. For some reason, the toilet is the best place in my opinion to look for inspirational ideas, even if it sounds like a Joke, yet that's the fact.

But to write this article, of course, it is not in the toilet, because it is not convenient. It's a good idea to use a cellphone as a note to record the idea.

So ? that's my first write-up, please correct it. Because I am not very fluent in English, I use the translation feature from google.

Hopefully, readers of this article can understand what I wrote. Thank you, warm regards from Indonesia

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