Resolve failed to connect internet on lan / wifi connection

Hi all, in this article I will try to share my personal experience.

as a computer technician (small technician hehe), of course, I get various complaints about computer devices, one of which is about the network. "

broken wifi well?"

"how come I don't connect my wifi"

"my wifi is not connected"

"the wifi hasn't been paid yet well?"

"my laptop wifi is not connected, even though on a cellphone it can"

"my wifi yesterday can, now how come you can't do it well"

"hello technician, help my wifi not connect"

"Hello, you're going to receive it tomorrow" Well loh...

Because of this experience, I tried to share and summarize some ways that might be useful for all of you.

okay, just our introduction this time. let's discuss it.

1. Check the IP address of the device and whether the IP address and gateway are connected correctly

You can check the IP address of your device whether it is connected correctly or not, and how to check it by checking the IP of another device, then you can note, whether the IP address and gateway are correct.

2. Ping locally and the internet

If your IP and gateway are filled correctly, you can PING the Gateway Address of your router or modem, you can also test the internet by PINGing various site addresses, such as Google, Facebook, and so on. by doing PING we can find out the location of the connection, for example, if the local connection can, and PING to the internet cannot, you can guess your router or modem may not be connected to the internet.

3. Check the settings of the router or modem

You can check the settings of your router or modem, you can check settings such as IP address, whether manual or automatic, and you can record the IP address available for other purposes. You can also check the Internet or WAN IP address obtained from the ISP, in some routers, you can see whether the router has been connected to the internet or not.

4. Restart the Router or modem

If you feel the need, you can restart your router, either through the system or physically, namely by unplugging the power cable and repairing it.

5. Disconnect and then physically reconnect the LAN or Wifi cable

You can physically disconnect the LAN cable, unplug the LAN cable and maybe clean it first, then plug it back in. If your Wifi can be disabled then enable it again.

Then wait a few moments, then check the IP address or you can PING the router and the internet

6. Replace the LAN cable or creaming it back

There is nothing wrong if you change your LAN cable to try, if it turns out that your LAN cable has a problem, you can also re-decrypt the LAN cable if you feel it has to. Usually, the LAN cable is worn, dirty, and rusty. So you can try replacing or re-kriging.

7. Fill in the IP address manually

You can fill in the IP Address, Gateway, and DNS manually. You can first check your router or modem through another device, and take notes. Even though your modem or router settings are in automatic settings, if you fill in the correct address, the connection must be successful, of course, you can PING the local address and the internet.

8. If using USB, move USB or move USB Port

If you use an external device, such as a USB to LAN, or USB Wifi adapter, you can unplug and reinstall your device, or you can replace the USB Port. You also make sure your device is not a problem, by testing it on another laptop or computer. Borrow your friend's laptop.

9. Reset Network

This is the last resort in my opinion. You can reset your network, this method always works in my opinion, but the risk is that all your wifi passwords will be deleted, meaning neighboring wifi. But you can reconnect

Those are some of the ways I might be able to give you guys, hopefully it's useful. If you like, you can share this article so that it can be useful for others. thanks

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