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 Windows 11, Announced in 2021 on June 24, 2021, and officially released on October 5, 2021. and until now after several stages of updating, finally Windows 11 is in great demand by the public. 

especially windows 11 is the default OS if we buy branded or official laptop or PC products.

Windows 11 at this time is the most modern version of the OS (windows) in my opinion, because Windows 11 is a window that has many features and models that are simplified, but has a modern look.

Downgrade Windows 11 to Windows 10

Windows 11 - optimization to make you feel at home

Windows 11 also has a performance which, according to the admin, is somewhat lighter than previous windows (windows 11), because this windows has good optimization of the installed Laptop or PC device. 

for office use, and content creators (not extreme) using windows 11 is a good choice, because almost all software already supports it, of course it will be very useful.

what about gaming, windows 11 in my opinion is a highly optimized version of windows between software (drivers & applications) and hardware. After doing several experiments and brief analysis, Windows 11 is very satisfying in running games.

I did a test by gaming with a computer with the same specifications, but with a different operating system (windows) (version). 

however, who would have thought that windows 11 has better performance, and I see an increase in FPS in most games. 

btw I also tested using an old GPU such as the Gtx 750 ti, the result is that many games can (decently) run by this GPU on Windows 11 because of the good optimization between software and hardware.

if you buy a laptop / or PC product (all in one), most likely you will be given a linked integration with the built-in Windows (Windows 11 Original). then Windows 11 will be embedded in your hardware, don't be afraid to reinstall. but I suggest you have to login or register first with a Microsoft account, so that the original Windows Key that has been embedded will be linked to your account.

Downgrading to windows 10?

do you know, such as the features and optimizations offered by windows 11 as I wrote above, but not everyone has not received this windows 11, because according to them there are several factors, from the display which is a bit complicated, many features are missing, navigation is not comfort, or other factors. 

I myself have several devices such as laptops and computers. but I adjusted it for my needs, for example on my gaming computer (as well as a content creator: editing computer), on that computer I installed Windows 11. Unlike my everyday laptop, I installed it with Windows 10, and the same goes for the computer I usually use. for networking or work-related activities, I install it with windows 10.

although I said above that windows 11 is very good, but there are times when it comes to work, windows 11 I think is a bit complicated (but actually it can). a small example is when going to the "control panel". while what we know, Windows 11 has a modern navigation. so to access the Control panel on Windows 11 is a bit complicated. so those are some of the reasons I think.

How to downgrade? 

what you need to know, that windows does not have a downgrade feature. as before, at the beginning of the release of Windows 10, Windows 7 users also wanted to return to Windows 7 after installing Windows 10 because they were not used to it or had problems (work matters) on the next generation of Windows. like I said, Windows as far as I know does not have a feature to downgrade after Update. but still there is a way.

the way I mean is to reinstall windows 1o.

yes, reinstall windows as a whole.

how ? it's tricky. Therefore, you should try Windows 11 first before continuing to update your device. 

but, before you reinstall the OS, it's a good idea to prepare the files you need later, such as drivers, and the software you need

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So what about the default Windows 11? if you buy the latest laptop / PC product, chances are you will get the original windows 11 that is linked to the laptop / PC. but as in the article above, you want to downgrade to windows 10 or even to a previous version of windows. what you need and really pay attention to is "DRIVER". because this is a very very important factor. without the right drivers, your hardware will not run properly, it won't even run. 

even in one case, drivers that do not match, will be rejected by the hardware, but if forced", an error will occur.

this is because the latest hardware is currently released, most likely no longer supports the previous version of the OS, not just the windows OS, even other OS like Linux.

So how about it? 

Thank you for reading this article, I hope it's useful. If you have any questions, please comment below. 

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