Check the IP address of the device and whether the IP address and Gateway are connected correctly.

I will share this article: Did our device get the correct IP address? Is the Gateway also right?

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Do you know, when a laptop or cellphone is connected to wifi, sometimes it doesn't get the correct IP address, or the Gateway Address is also not obtained.

That's what makes the internet connection unavailable. Let alone open internet access; even opening a modem/router gateway can't.


A simple way to do this is to PING the Modem IP address, then PING the Internet address (example:

Earlier, we discussed PING, but what is PING? The simple language is that we call the destination IP address, see whether the Address is available or not, and know the speed.

example (ping to google address)


Then how to do PING?

There are several ways to do PING, depending on what operating system we use. We will give two examples: Windows (10) and Linux (Ubuntu) operating systems.

Windows: we will use Windows 10.

Method 1: on the start button, we look for the command prompt (CMD) or can directly type it. When CMD opens, we index the PING command "address" then "-t."

example "ping -t" or "ping -t"

method 2: the easiest way is to press the key combination on the keyboard, namely WINDOWS + R, then it will open the RUN window; then, in that column, you can write the same command above (previously) for

example "ping" -t" or "ping"

Ubuntu: you can type the PING command "address" (example: ping on the Linux terminal

To Linux, I will not elaborate because I also do not have material for this paper.

for example, if you want to ping the Router/modem address (e.g., Modem/Router IP address is, then it will look like this:

Ping -t

The device connection is good if the CMD display is as below. Just look at the speed again.

If the CMD display is as below, then the connection between devices is not connected.

If it is not connected, it is possible that your connection is not healthy; something happened at the beginning of my writing. For example, I did not get an IP address, and the Gateway address is not filled or is not correct.

but if the CMD Connection (PING) connection is successful, try to continue PING to the Google Address for

example: ping -t

If it doesn't say connected, your internet may be having problems. It could also be the settings on your modem, which have been so set that they don't get internet access (usually in public WIFI areas).

However, how do you find out the IP address of the modem? You can ask this with the relevant technician, or you can directly check it on a connected device. For example, on a Windows operating system laptop, you need to write a command on CMD, namely "IPCONFIG"; you will find some information, including the IP address and Gateway.

For mobile devices, you can check it in the settings, look for the connectivity section (WIFI), open the wifi that is currently connected, and see a "gate," that's the IP address of the modem/router I mean. And you can PING to that Address.

In some settings (depending on the related technician), the modem/router is usually set with Fixed IP, which allows the connected device to fill in the Address provided (provided) manually. You have to ask the technician about this.

However, this is one solution to get the IP address and Gateway correctly, even if the Modem/Router is set with the Auto Address setting.

There is also WIFI which is set using HOTSPOT Mode. i.e., allows the user to log in with the required information (example: user and password). This method is usually done by paid WIFI or the Office area, so the wifi is not used in general. 

Another way to get the Address of the Address you can go directly to the Modem / Router page. But in my opinion, this method requires approval from a technician. but it's better if you ask for the IP address or request for help directly hehe

What you need to pay attention to is the IP address is the unique Address of each device; this Address will be different from other device addresses. example: 

device 1:

device 2:

device 3:

But for the Gateway address, it's all the same (points to IP Modem/Router). so who can equate it with other devices already connected to a WIFI network (laptop/mobile).

Besides the IP address and Gateway, you need to know that there is another address besides this Address, namely the DNS address. This is the Address of the internet service provider. 

You can also equate this with other connected devices or fill it with Google DNS addresses, namely and

In my opinion, that's the step you can take. Your IP address is not available.

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