how to fix Unfortunately the process has stopped

Among the errors that are quite annoying are "Unfortunately, the process has stopped". This error will make your phone software unusable.

That way, you can't call your ex or crush. It must be really annoying.

Some errors that often occur in the phone software are:

Unfortunately the process has stopped
Unfortunately the process has stopped
And others

If your smartphone has an error like the one above, then you are reading the right article. Because here I will create a tutorial on how to deal with it.

This method can be implemented on various smartphone brands, ranging from Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony, Asus, Acer, Advan, LG, Huawei, and many more. So it's okay to live accordingly.

7 Ways to Overcome "Unfortunately the Process Has Stopped" On Android

This time Ihsandroid will write about how to overcome "Unfortunately, the process has stopped" on Android.

Actually, the technique of overcoming this error is easy and difficult. The probability of success is not the same on each smartphone.

There is no one correct technique for dealing with this error. Therefore, Ihsandroid submits these 7 solutions that you can explore one by one.

1. Force Stop Phone App

The first very simple way to solve “Unfortunately the Process Has Stopped” on android is to force stop the phone software.

This method can be done without using additional software. Immediately use one of the android features.

Follow the technique below to solve "Unfortunately the Process Has Stopped":

Go to Settings > Apps > Phone > Force stop
Now explore opening the phone software on your smartphone. Good luck.

2. Clear Phone App Cache

The second way that you can do is to clear the cache of the phone software.

Just like other software, the phone software on your Android smartphone will also store cache.

The more often you use it, the more cache you will save.

And if the cache has accumulated too much, it can have a bad impact on the application.

One of them is the error "Unfortunately, the process has stopped".

Well, if this is the cause, then you can clear the phone software cache.

The following is how to clear the phone software cache on an Android smartphone:

Go to Settings > Apps > Phone > Clear cache
Then try to use your phone software again as usual.

If the error "Unfortunately the Process Has Stopped" error occurs, then you can continue the technique below.

3. Clear Phone App Data

In addition to storing files in the form of cache, the phone software also stores files in the form of data. This data such as account information, searches, photos, and others.

Along with usage, phone software data is piling up.

And it doesn't hurt you to delete the phone software data. Because only the data is deleted, while the application can still be used.

Follow the below technique to clear phone software data:

Go to Settings > Apps > Phone > Clear data

4. Unroot (If Previously Your Smartphone Has Been Rooted)

If you frequently hack your android, you must be familiar with rooting, editing system files, and the like.

If it is wrong to modify the android system, then there will be negative things that happen to your smartphone.

One of them is the error "Unfortunately, the process has stopped".

5. Do a Factory Reset

If you have done all of the above techniques but the error still occurs, then you are forced to do the fifth technique, namely factory reset.

Factory reset or turning the smartphone to factory settings will erase all your data and software.

So, make sure that you have done backups of important data to avoid unwanted things.

6. Use Custom ROM

The sixth way that you can also try is to use a Custom ROM.

By using a Custom ROM, usually many errors can be handled properly.

7. Take it to the Service Center

Even if you have used a Custom ROM, it is still not uncommon for the error "Unfortunately the process has stopped", then in other words there is something wrong with your smartphone.

There could be dilapidated hardware or experiencing problems.

If that's the case, the best way is to take your smartphone to a service center.

Take it to the service center then tell the repairman that your phone software has an error.

Usually the repairman already knows what to do.

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